Fuseproject SF – Designers of Herman Miller’s Excellent New Modular Office Furniture “Public”

It was easy to spot the famous Fuseproject building on the corner of 16th and Carolina in San Francisco’s Potero Hill design district. Its Brainwash inspired graffiti exterior screamed of color and street beauty. It is here where Entrepreneur magazine’s cover-boy Yves Behar, has inspired many to design some of the world’s most “next-level” stuff. Anything from Jawbone’s new bluetooth technology, to PayPal’s brand identity, and some instrument used to help your garden soil communicate to you what its thinking? All that aside, Team Reveal came to see what the buzz was about with their ongoing collaboration with Herman Miller, and their attempt to create the best modular office furniture for the next generation workforce. We met with “Public’s” (furniture identity name) team leader and learned of its inception, design, and build story. Fuseproject believes so much in their design they in fact use it as their choice of onsite work systems. We were blown away by the extreme level of detail and research, while at the same time especially impressed when seeing the employees actively use the system for the functions it was specifically designed for. Great people, great product, and great ingenuity…all things Project Reveal believes in and will deliver to you soon. Thanks Fuseproject for being a great host. Until then, keep Revealing.

~ Team Reveal