Plasma Nodo, A Design Firm That Creates for Socializing

Organized conceptual chaos comes to mind when exploring this firm’s latest concept at 9 3/4 Bookstore and Cafe in Columbia. A concept clearly inspired by the adventures we take when dipping into our favorite reading material, and expanded within a traditionally quite and anti-social setting known as the library or local bookstore. 9 3/4 seems to promote the idea of sharing and socializing which is at the core of their design beliefs when creating spaces. Familiar hexagonal and other geometric shapes remind us of learning blocks from when we were children, and play into the overall design aesthetic. As well as taking risks with unique book shelf structures and color all of which creates conversation and dynamic topics to share with your family and friends. We love this approach to promoting a social environment within non-traditional social settings. Bravo to Plasma Nodo for moving the needle. We salute you, and please keep Revealing!

~ Team Reveal