The Future Is Here – Co-Live and Hospitality by CityHub, Common, & Pure House

Co-live concepts are on the rise in places like Williamsburg and Crown Heights Brooklyn, where rent (not to mention purchase price) is far beyond the idea of affordability. And with Millennial/GenY population (currently 25-35 years old) refusing to stay in one place for an extended amount of time, businesses such as Common ( and Pure House ( have created living communities for those of us not wanting to commit to anything long term. A concept that offers 1 month leases for modestly sized fully furnished apartments and shared amenities, while eliminating crazy rules such as having to prove you make 40 times the amount of your monthly rent. Similar to some of the greatly evolved co-work environments today, the core foundation for these concepts is to promote strong social, personal, and business growth opportunities. In short, they are disrupting the traditional real estate renters model, as well as the current hospitality market. Enter CityHub ( A new spin on hostel and hotel lifestyle with emphasis on that ever important age demographic 25-35. Because they understand they’re connected 24/7, their design caters to it by way of touch screens and quick service. Guests are able to check themselves in, serve themselves at the bar, and even adjust mood lighting and musical preferences inside of the sleep pods all by way of an app.

The US Navy had it right when they coined the term KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). A design principle for avoiding unnecessary complexity. In this case KISS your clientele. In other words know who your audience is and don’t over think it. Just give them what they want and make it good.