Designboom Interview with Kelly Robinson – Workplace Designer

Kelly Robinson ( has been called on to conceive office space identity for major tech companies like Airbnb, Soundcloud and Couchsurfing. Her deep understanding of today’s developing needs in workspace environment, coupled with personal philosophies which she stands firm and holds true, have enabled her to create some of the most compelling designs in the industry. Most importantly, designs that address the businesses needs, as well as the companies core culture. Meaning, the core of who they are, what they are working on, and who they want to become as they evolve.

Kelly approaches every project with three simple principles in mind: Health, Wellness, and Meaningful Interaction. Perhaps it’s her background in hospitality aboard private yachts, or her love of yoga which she practices every morning before starting the day. Both have allowed her to create a foundation of which to work from, as well as an identity her clients can always rely on. Barney’s New York has been known to work with a similar three word design mantra as well. If the design doesn’t embody all three words, then it doesn’t speak to the companies core culture. One out of three certainly won’t work, two out of three definitely not. If and only if all three flow together and support one another, then they will move forward. Words and people are alike in this sense. We must work holistically and collaboratively to get the job done. At the end of the day, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as we’ve been told. The challenge is finding the parts and piecing it together. A good place to start may be as easy as finding your three simple words, or principles. Take it from Kelly and Barney’s…they seem to be onto something.

More of Kelly can be found at where she shares her insight on inspiration, client relationships, and the direction of workspace environments today and in the future.