Crossing Over Art and Architecture – Kengo Kuma & Philippe Gravier’s “Yure” (Moves With The Wind)

Art curator and pioneer Philippe Gravier recently commissioned a group of architects to create a series of small houses for his gallery titled Small Nomad Houses. Currently one such small house stands at the center of Paris’s Tuileries Gardens for their annual FIAC contemporary art fair. The all wood structure named Yure (‘move with the wind’) was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. No screws, no bolts, and no glue were used, with the intent to symbolically represent an inhabited tree within a forest. Philippe long had in mind to invite architects into the art world as he believes “some architects have more talent than conceptual artists today. A cross over between art and architecture seemed like the right move.”

The idea of inviting casual collision into your world whether it be personal or work is something we believe strongly in at Reveal. We remind people every day that without friction there is no fire. Without adversity there can be no growth. Create beautiful things by promoting collaboration and sharing ideas.

Gravier concludes “architects see the Small Nomad Houses as an opportunity to escape their daily practice, as a project, where they can experiment freely. For collectors, on the other hand, the Small Nomad Houses stand out as unique pieces. They are the very essence of architecture today.”