Contributing Writer – Local Architect Jonathan Ammon – “Creative Clustering” by design firms Cepezed & 3XN


Throughout Europe, the Dutch architecture and design firm Cepezed Architects ( is well known for its ease of construction and “kit-of-parts” assembly from factory-made elements. In 2014, they completed the renovation of a 40,000 square-foot early 20th-century university structure in Delft, Netherlands.

The industrial quality of the 52-foot high gabled roof, supported by lightweight Polonceau trusses and tension rods enabled the addition of an open-air mezzanine to function as “creative clustering” and collaboration spaces. The architects used a slender steel frame with a minimal profile to support both the 2nd level and a refurbished track-crane from the building’s prior use.

The design team elegantly blends the firm’s philosophy of structural expression and adaptive re-use without losing the building’s sense of history.


The Danish architecture and design firm 3XN ( combines natural materials with an abstract and unique modernist language. The new offices for 3XN occupy five historic gunboat structures formerly part of the Royal Navy Base in Copenhagen. 22,000 square feet of one-story office space include skylights, glass partitions and white acoustical plaster to brighten the existing and exposed wood frame interiors while modulating noise.

Located alongside a harbor, glass walls with views of the surrounding water help bring a sense of calm to the busy architectural work environment while the open floor plan enables ample space to showcase the firm’s award winning design projects in model form.

Additional space includes a large communal kitchen for lunch, lectures and gatherings.

Jonathan is a licensed Architect in Phoenix with backgrounds in construction, architecture, and concept development. He received his Masters in Construction Management and Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. Currently owner and operator of “Off The Ground”