Black's Market - Fresno, CA


Black’s Market Building – 755 Van Ness Avenue Identified as being locally significant, the Black’s Market building was constructed in 1923 by R.F. Felchlin and Company. Black’s Package Company was a multi-store business owned by Fred P. Black. Black came to Fresno in 1913 and established one of the first cash-and-carry grocery chains in California. He had multiple stores in Fresno and later expanded to Sacramento and Stockton. Black revolutionized the practice of selling staple food items in convenient packages, rather than in bulk, effectively establishing the precursor to today’s bulk package outlets. This store had multiple levels and many windows, so that much of the merchandise was visible from the street. The building also served as the headquarters for Black’s company. Black’s Markets closed their doors in 1956, ending the largest locally-owned grocery chain in Fresno. This building was later used as a warehouse and service center for Gottschalk’s Department Store. R.F. Felchlin and Company, which designed the building, was well-known in Fresno and responsible for other notable buildings like the T.W. Patterson Building.


The rich history of this building will forever inspire those who work within its walls, while at the same time continue to be a place of innovation for Fresno and Central California valley. By partnering with James Riley (current owner and Founder of American Blues Trading Co.), Reveal plans to weave the history of Black’s Market and Gottschalk’s department store within the fabric of its space. Our goal is to bring to life the significance of Fresno’s history, while at the same time creating a space that supports future creative innovation within a next generation co work environment. Here employees will sit within decades worth of inspiration carefully curated and designed. They’ll have options to work amongst open floor co-work space, retreat to private meeting rooms, lease private office, and have access to un-paralleled onsite amenities. Not to mention some of Fresno’s most excellent hand selected retail options. Stay tuned Fresno…the best is yet to come.


To infuse history with modernism, art with innovation, people with machine, and ideas with dreams. Bring together the brightest and most creative minds from all over central valley California and beyond, for a brand new ecosystem developed for higher learning and creative design driven industries. From small business to medium and large, we invite those who share an appreciation for culture and the arts. Those who believe in the creative process and want to be apart of something truly special. We want artists, architects, fashion designers, website developers, engineers, woodworkers, builders, merchandisers, stylist, teachers, and more. Live and work in a space that is built just for you, with you and your lifestyle in mind. A space designed with respect and a nod to Americana history by reusing sustainable and recycled materials via American Blues Trading Company. Partnerships with local non profit organizations such as Recycling Lives Academy to help give back and rehabilitate those looking to rebuild their own lives through fellowship and trade. Our story is for you. Designed and curated with the “creative” in mind. A space that is open, airy, bright, and highly dynamic. Casual collisions, peculiar pairings, and organic commerce is encouraged. Building is for lease and we’re currently accepting tenant applications. Come Reveal with us!









American blues trading

American Blues Trading was established in 1989, originally exporting used denim to Europe and Japan. In the last 25 years, they have evolved into a diversified used apparel company, importing and exporting high end period vintage clothing to research and design clients all over the world. In addition to clothing, they house and offer classic Americana vintage props and retail fixtures. The collection expands well beyond three million pounds of clothing, all categorized by style and decade year. The finer pieces can be found on display in a recently built 7,500 sq./ft showroom space in downtown Fresno, California. Fifteen highly curated American stories to include: Workwear, Sport, Camp, 50’s Moto, 70’s Moto, Vintage Coca Cola, Maritime/Nautical, American Indian, Cowboy, Military, 50s/60s Retro Bowling, Surf & Skate, Levis, Mens Haberdashery, Shoes & Accessories.

Recycling Lives Academy

Recycling Lives Academy is a faith based drug and alcohol residential treatment facility and employment training program. Their mission is to promote growth and change by encouraging clients to see and develop their own unique potential through restoration and renewal. RLA is committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals struggling from socio-economic challenges, and creating opportunities to transition back into society. Members have learned on the job trade skills such as carpentry, design, sewing, screen printing, computer programing, and visual displays through retail store experiences.



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Details Coming Soon